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What We Do

Increased complexity and out-of-control healthcare costs, Controlled Outcomes knew there had to be a better way to meet the needs of the community.  Exploring several healthcare models in play today we decided to build a healthcare model fit for our region. In parallel with the Camden Model, we use detailed data-driven measures to determine super-utilizers and address the needs of those individuals by aligning the client-community with resources to fit their needs.

From the Memphis model, we build key partnerships with faith-based organizations to become healthcare navigators in the community, to provide the continued resources, sharing in the responsibility of the client-community.


What has developed is the Collaborative Health Model ™ , a blend of Camden and Memphis health models, with the passion of southern responsiveness.  The outcomes—we map, we develop, we collaborate, to change a community's DNA and create a healthy client-community that flouri


Collaborative Health Model—we map, we develop, we collaborate, to change a community's DNA.™